Ride to Kindergarten in Winter: urban arrow in the snow

A snow adventure

It was a not so regular morning: Nicolai didn’t sleep so well and was a bit grumpy during the breakfast. So I tried  to cheer him up, with the expectation of a nice snowy ride to kindergarten.

Sadly I did not succeed in cheering him up. But luckily he at least got some sleep. Under the roof of our Urban Arrow mini-van and wrapped in a cozy blanket he had a nap, while I was fighting  the elements:
25cm (10inches) of snow on our 13km commute to kindergarten were hard to ride, but tons of fun: The long wheelbase of the bike was quite a challenge, when it comes to steering on slippery ground. Once you feel the bike going sideways it is already too late. You really needed some skills to keep it straight. I did my best, but then…
We got stuck. Any time I tried to hit the pedals, the Bosch middle engine did put so much torque on the wheel, it just spinned. Only way to go was without any assist. -Until we we’re back to civilization and cleaner roads.

Arriving at kindergarten I had a big smile on my face, and Nicolai was not grumpy and tired anymore. Win-Win.

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