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We are Jessica, Sven, Nicolai and Anouk, we are a bakfiets-family.
As bicycle-enthusiasts we are living and enjoying a happy car-free family-live.

On this blog, we share our cargobike-diary with you, just as general thoughts on cycling, bicycles and our experiences with car-free living.


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  1. Hello,

    Glad I found your site, as I would like to ask for your help. Even better that you also live in Germany and have experience with Bakfiets 🙂 We just got ourselves a three wheeler to carry the kids around town and only now we understand how different it is to riding a two wheeler. When we lived in the Netherlands we tried one and the very straight roads there fooled us into believing its not such a big thing to learn. Back in Germany, roads aren´t as level, with quite some camber to say in fact and I am scared to ride with the kids, our investment of thousand of Euros now seems to be waisted (unless we can sell it or we decide to keep it).

    Can you give us some hints on how to handle a tricycle in rough and uneven roads safely? I mean we are lucky to live in a town close to the Netherlands were road users are used to cyclists and we do have separate cycle paths, just not at the same standard as in NL. Any insight into how to handle this what now seems to be a beast of a machine (but we are sure could learn to handle) would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Hi there,
    thanks so much for sharing your experience with the Cargo bikes!!!
    We are seriously thinking of getting one ourselves and have just come up with the question if the Cargo bikes are suitable in winter? We will have about 4 months of winter in the south of Germany and I was wondering if you have any experience with them?

    THanks so much.

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