cargo bike benefits

Bicycle benefits

I was asked yesterday what my biggest challenge was being a daily cargobike rider and I really had to wring an answer out. I thought instantly that the question should have been turned around into,  what are my greatest gifts from being a daily cargo bike rider. This would have been easy to answer with maybe too much info. But it was this actual question that got me really thinking about my challenges and all the benefits.

The only ‘greatest challenge’ I could think of is when we forget to charge the battery. Yes, this is a true challenge and it has happened. So far, worst time to forget to charge the battery, was when our son needed to be in kindergarden (12,5km of a ride) within 30 minutes. That happened to dad. For me, the battery died just before I began to ascend up a hill, with both kids in the box.

But in the end it is the benefits that outweight this one challenge:
I have had many days where being inside the house gets stuffy and overwhelming with chores. And it is these days that I am so grateful to get outside and onto my bike.

All it takes is a turn of the wheels and around the corner to get maximum benefit from being on the bike. Always, in these moments, my burdens are lifted. Its like my face being cleansed with the wind and my soul renewed with nature. Its the birds singing my heart into love and the colors of the earth brightening my vision.

It is lovely how cycling slows life down. One is able to choose the pace and from there the sights, smells and sounds are too beautiful to ignore. Instantly, I am much closer to nature, mixed and mingled like vines on a tree. I like that I can ride and stop when I want. Maybe my son sees a magic stick on the ground that I should stop for, perhaps Anouk needs me to pick up her sippy cup, the list goes on.

Summed up, cycling makes me feel human.

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