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The top question people ask you about your cargo bike

The whale usually gets a lot of attention, with people pointing and staring. But occasionally someone says something.

Positively, we get a thumbs up and hear how practicle our bike is. Such responses are supportive and we appreciate them. However, it would be nice if we were doing something normal. It is unfortunate that Taurus and the Whale are not more common… What about: “Just another cargo bike mom”.

If someone asks a question, normally the first one is “how much did that bike cost?” and “is that an electric bike?”. My answer usually is “yes it is electric” and “it was a present from my boyfriend”. If Sven is asked about the price, he usually is not hesitating to tell the people, that you have to invest around 4.000€ for a bike like the Urban Arrow family.
Often, people’s reaction to his answer is something like “Wow, you can  get a used car for that!”
Yes you can! However, you have to consider what is needed to operate it. Such as, spending more money on a regular basis: taxes, ensurence, gas, oil and consumables are the things people don’t think of and where a cargobike beats the car any time!
Tax: none. Gas: none. To be fair: it is electric and the 288Wh battery has an average range 50km. That makes it consume 5.75Wh/km which is about 0.15€/100km (0.00575kWh/km × 25ct/kWh = 0.15ct/km).
But still: Try that with a car.


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