the omnium cargo bike is now a kids-carrier

Turning the Omnium Cargo bike into a fast kids carrier

We already showed you our solution for a bobike seat inside mom’s Urban Arrow.

As our daughter gets bigger and dad also wants to take her for a ride, it’s time to get the Omnium Cargo ready for child transportation. Not only in order to get her to the child care, kindergarden, playgrounds, friends and balance bike riding…
The final goal is to be able to do bike traveling – Dad with the Omnium Cargo und Mom with a randonneur. As the Urban Arrow is not very practical when it comes to train rides (yes, we tried it on our way to holland…) and off-grid camping (you can’t charge a battery on a campfire…), it will then stay home and Thaurus, the Omnium has to take it’s place.
Therefore I built a simple mounting for the bobike click-and-go base plate, which will enable us to swap the “Exclusive Tour”-seat between the bikes.

Now the Omnium (the company claim is “Bikes with a purpose“) has one more purpose: being a minimalistic and fast kiddy-carrier, so Jess can her racebike again.

*For those interested I’ll add technical drawing and measurements asap.

5 thoughts on “Turning the Omnium Cargo bike into a fast kids carrier

  1. Did this work well for you and your daughter? My daughter just turned one and I am looking at cargo bike options, including the Omnium with STEPS. Was the Omnium a good non-electric choice for you? Does she prefer facing forward in the Urban Arrow? Would you have been better off with a Mini-Max?

  2. Thank u very much for the inspiration!!! I think it´s even possbile with the omnium mini max!?!

    kind regards and greets from berlin

  3. Hi, this transformation is exactly what I was looking for! Can you provide any more details on the construction process?
    I have two specific questions:
    Is it only possible with the bobike kids seat and do you think its possible to realize the modification on a omnium mini-max as well?
    thanks for the inspiration, looking forward to your answer.

    1. Hi Florian,

      Technically it is possible to add any kind of seat, but I chose the bobike seat for the nifty mounting: it is easy to release and it doesn’t build up very high, so the whole mounting stays completely underneath the rack. If I don’t need it I can take the seat of and use the rack as usual.

      I wanted to provide a drawing but still didnt’t have the time…
      I guess I will do that soon.

      regards Sven

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