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Tell Us Your Favorite Cargo Bike & Win A Cargoli

Next to our big bikes we now have a new little cargobike in our hearts: It was sent to us from Berlin, home of the Cargoli.

I like the Cargoli, because it is extremely easy to park: it easily fits into my smallest Ortlieb-RackPack.
Jess likes it, because it is just cute.
Jakob from LittleBigCargo in Berlin likes it, because it is fun and relaxing.

Each of us will probably still have a favorite “real” cargobike, because the additional load of the cargoli is not very high.
Each of us might also have a different answer, if you asked us about our choice of “real” cargobike.
There are different tastes and different purposes you use your bike for and the market pleases almost everybody’s preferences: Even the Cargoli comes in 3 versions: two tricycles and one Long John…
With all these options we want to know:


Which cargobike is YOUR favorite and why?


Leave us the answer as a comment on this blogpost*: Tell us which cargobike is your bike of choice and why!
And with bit of  luck we will send you a sweet little cargoli Long-John, so you can have TWO favorite cargobikes!


Disclaimer: Please leave only one comment per e-Mail-Address. Comments until February 28th 2017 will be put into a bowl and blindfolded selected by our highly trained staff 😉 Dublicate e-mail-adresses will be removed! Make sure the e-Mail address is correct: we will need it to contact you…
*Facebook-Comments won’t count.

Thanks to the Sponsor of the Cargoli: LittleBigCargo, Berlin – Cargobikes and Service
And Thanks to the nice Picture: Sarah Schneller Photography

EDIT: Poll is closed. We will be evalutating the result soon an tell you who got a new little dacrgobike!

46 thoughts on “Tell Us Your Favorite Cargo Bike & Win A Cargoli

  1. Hi !

    I love my Douze. I ride it for more than two years now. It’s perfect because he’s a beauty. He’s not so heavy (unloadded) and I can go anywhere without an electrisc assistance. He’s confy but sportive. And it can be seperated in two parts.
    Once I went to Paris with it (more than 400km) and went back simply with a bus with the bike smaller than a normal bike.
    I can also maneuver in tiny spaces because the front wheel turns at 90° !
    It’s a really great cargo.

  2. Dear
    thanks for the contest !
    I am a real beginner in the cargo world. here where I live in Lausann e(swiss) there is no real choice. With a real chance, I met a guy who works with bullit for 15 years now…and I bought the E-cargo Bullit and I really enjoy every single day this bike!
    enough space for my tennis raquet, my work-shoes (I wear snow boots now), my laptop, and my girl. I have to drop her off at school in the morning and this is the quickest way with this bike. Easy to bike, enough big so that the cars go away when I come, and really easy to use despite my 55kilos and 1.50m tall 🙂

  3. Three years ago, after some testing of different cargobikes, I decided to buy a Bullitt with electric help.
    Next best of the testet bikes feels the Urban Arrow, but feels a little bit too “fat”. And the brakes are aweful, going downhill at 50 km/h with 40kg bike, 70kg load and my 90kg onboard.
    So the Bullitt is best for me. Easy to handle, stiff and slim. Enough room for my loads and proper working disc brakes.
    Round about 14.000km til now, no problems

  4. I’ve had a Yuba Mundo for almost three years, but since we got our Bakfiets last spring that’s all I ride. Love the geometry that allows me to ride sitting straight up & have my feet nearly flat while also having full leg extension pedalling. I find chucking children &/or groceries into the box much simpler than balancing it on the back of the Yuba longtail.

  5. My favourite cargo bike is hands down larry vs harry bullitt. It handles so nicely – responsive, sporty, swoopy. The adjustable stem height feature is brilliant – lift the stem for tall kid helmet clearance or sit-up-and-ride position, or lower it for messenger competitions. It easy to park and it will go in between cars with ease. And of course more than enough space for cargo with endless possibilities storage !

  6. Must say my omnium cargo fitted with sram ematic is the best bicycle I ever had. Without cargo it’s a joy to ride and with fully load it’s stil stable and fast. Compared to “long John” type bicycles it’s much more sturdy in the handling. Riding it with the entire family (wife and kids 5 and 10) is easy and great and feels safe

  7. We have four kids of which 3 fit into the Babboe cargo bike we have. Of all the bikes and attachments and trailers we have tried the Babboe is by far the best option for our family of 6. Grocery time is always a logistical nightmare until we got the Babboe three wheel bike. The Shimano Nexus hub has 7 gears which helps when the three kids are up front (3,4,and 7) for whatever reason (the rainfly usually when it is raining). We don’t have a car and this makes up the gap in our mobility and saves us countless headaches. It’s the only cargo bike we have out of the 8 bikes our family has. Its gearing is good, it is agile enough to maneuver through the streets and sidewalks, and small enough to park easily with plenty of carrying capacity.

  8. We have a Yuba Mundo (so not a box bike) and we love it because it rides like a regular bike. We love to give people test rides because they can hop on and be a pro in no time. I’m having a baby soon so I have been eyeing the Bullitt so we could put a car seat in it.

  9. After testing the bullitt and some babboes I have fallen in love with an omnium cargo – without cargo its as stiff and quick as a racing bike! And with cargo on the platform (which btw is open to three sides) one can move washing machines or even couches!
    Perfect bike, very handy and much fun. I like to take girls out on cargo platform…works for me^^

  10. Omnium Cargo without a doubt, extremely light, easy to handle, durable and lovely design/finishing.

    Storage made easy by being able to stand it on it’s end.

  11. I’m in love with bicicapace because the bike is very easy tu use and you can carry a lot of load.
    I also like the omnium and Bullit of course 🙂

  12. Oh my. I’d easily go, rent an old factory hall and stuff it with cargo bikes I like, so this is no easy question. However, the bike I’d like to add to my collection most at the moment probably is the #Radlader by the Cargobike Monkeys. Outstanding design, way lighter than any competitor, hand made by a nice guy in Athens and sold and marketed by even nicer guys in Münster, my hometown. Since I already have cargo bikes for children’s transport (although I’d love to see one emerge that can handly 4+ kids including babies in a carrier), I’d go for this one to add to my collection.

  13. I am totally in love with our Bullit. We strap the maxicosi in it an off we go with our little girl. And when she gets older, we will build her a new seat!

    I think she’ll love to have a cargo bike of her own to practice

  14. After a long consideration between Bakfiets, Bullitt and an Omnium Cargo, I ended up with an Omnium Cargo. Since I live in a flat, I needed a bike that could I could lift indoors. Further, I like how it rides like a regular bike.

    I installed a kiddie seat on the front deck with a somewhat similar setup to yours, and Omnium Cargo turned out to be a fun ride with living cargo as well.

  15. The Omnium Cargo is the best for me! Maniable as a regular bike, loadable without loosing edge, fast and solid as a rock! Definitely a super choice for work and leasure!

  16. As simple as an Omnium, rides like a dream.
    And with this tiny little micro wood version, it will be the perfect first bike to my God son (9 months now).
    Parents already know that it will soon receive a bicycle, but they certainly don’t expect one of those Omnium copy 🙂

    Have a nice day

  17. I Love my Selfmade “like an Omnium Cargo XL”

    Its a nearly perfekt Copy but 26″+20″ and better geometry fitting for me than by an “Original omnium”

    Love it so much.
    I sold a view of my other Bikes because i’m riding my Omnium all day and also as a Touring Bike.

    My Omnium do the Jobs i Need. Carry very heavy washing machine, beverage crates, huge Wood plates, persons or just a big messengerbag. It’s so fast and agile. No longer need to Ride a Bike with normal length.

    That is my first Bike that makes me to sell other Bikes which i loved.

  18. I still love the Gazelle Cabby. This bike changed my life. It was the first time I was upright and relaxed. I learned to “smell the flowers” on this bike 🙂

    However, Gazelle’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. The Cabby comes standard with a hefty rear rack, cargo pockets, skirt guard, mudguards, wheel lock etc. Compare to the Urban Arrow – a great and _very expensive_ bike – for which I had to pay extra for a rack and pockets! (boo!)

    The Cabby’s folding cargo bay was the only way I could store the bike in my tiny Victorian cottage. Life saver. Rode like a dream. I even won a cargobike race on it (against a Bullitt no less). It’s with another very happy family now, but I will always love that bike (*first love cargobike*)

  19. There is no better bike than the one you built yourself!!
    Inspired by the Larry vs Harry I built my own cargo out of bamboo. In addition to discover how useful a cargo bike is (mostly used to carry my kids, grocery etc), the dumping vibration of the bamboo is definitely an asset on Montreal’s crappy roads, as the tones of salt used in winter has no impact on the frame.
    In addition to those important characteristics for a 4 seasons cargo bike in Canada, you can also add a really good handling, fast, as the flexibility to manage different loads, boxes etc
    Road conditions can be pretty tough in Montreal for a bike, and this cargo is comfortable, durable, reliable, really versatile, and as far as I know the only bamboo cargo bike in the world with that specific geometry.
    The ‘Bamboollitt’ is definitely a bike that I’ll keep my entire life.

  20. We have both a Bullitt and Xtracycle Edgerunner. They’re both fantastic.. The Bullitt is 7 years old and still going strong – definitely the fastest bike. The Xtracycle is new, and beautifully crafted with Bosch motor which suits my preference for an upright, relaxed ride. We take our kids everywhere on them and always get asked about the bikes. We live in a hilly area, and the electric assist makes it a breeze. There are 7 families at our school with cargo bikes now. Viva la revolution!

  21. Douze: beautiful, versatile and comes with a big family box. Only two disadvantages: rather expensive and not so good for people without a garage. Which is why I go with bakfiets. Also adore Bullitt!

  22. I have had a Douze for more than 2 years, and I love it.
    Sportier than a backfiet (sorry 🙂 ), more confortable than a Bullit, very stable, fun to ride.
    It’s so good that for the past 2 years, within all my bikes, it’s the Douze I used most of the time

  23. Oh ,yes the “christmastree bikeride” was amazing!
    Our Load carried our big christmastree comfortable and with a lot of fun. Of course the Load is not only a bike for special events, but a allday bike. We use it to go to work, to carry our kids, to bring home our food from the supermarket or our favourite farmer, to go to the theater and cinema, to visit frends and family……….
    Our Load (or better our Loads, because we have two of them) are sporty, beloved, practically, multifunctional useable, and so cool…
    See you..

  24. Urban Arrow! It’s the perfect bike for riding year round in Chicago and keeping the kids warm & cozy 🙂 Plus, the e-assist is lovely, and I can take 4 kids with no problem!

  25. Even if it might not even be considered a proper cargo bike, I definitely like (and went for) my Workcycle Fr8, with front and rear carrier.
    I choose it over the bullitt (or any other long john) ’cause it’s shorter, smaller, easier to drive and park, and it still allows to take 2-3 kids on board, or plenty of stuff from the grocery store, or a couple of pallets, and mix the whole according to my needs without taking the whole garage.

  26. Look Mum i see my black legs and my green bikers ass at the “christmas tree bikeride” preview picture 🙂

    My favorite cargobike is definitely the omnium cargo.
    Because the rack has three open sides to load big stuff. That’s much more important as a lower rack.
    And it’s one of the fastest cargo geometry on the market. Speed is very important to catch Bullitt riders.
    And especially it has a steel frame. Just steel is real 🙂

    cargo regards

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