2nd Cargo Bike Picknick Augsburg

After our first cargo bike picknick in July was so beautiful and more people came than expected, we decided that it’s worth doing a cargo bike event on more or less regular bases. Summertime was running out and a short window of sun opened up, so we took the chance. This time it was kinda short notice, no flyers, just a little Facebook-Event and some mouth to mouth propaganda…

Therefore it made me even happier to see, that we got even more nice people attending. This time we counted 12 cargo bikes of all kinds (1 Nihola, 2 Babboe tricycles, 2 Bullits, 2 Onmium Cargos, 2 UrbanArrow Families, 1 Load, 1 Douze, and a selfmade 20″┬áKids-Cargobike) in a colorful autumn mix.

There was a big playground for the kids and jummy food, which totally distracted me from taking pictures… so this is all I can come up with (Thanks to our oldest, who was taking pics on the ride):

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