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A comfy child seat on the family cargo bike

We love the Urban-Arrow as a family cargo bike, a lot. Especially for riding with kids, it is an awesome bike.
Thanks to the optional mounting for baby car seats we were able to take our daughter on rides at 7 weeks old. When Anouk was only 10 weeks old, she was the youngest participant of the local Critical Mass Augsburg. From that time on family-mobility was back to normal.

We didn’t have any hard feelings to take her on the cargo bike. All doubts were blown out of the window, as the box with it’s aluminum frame is strong and the baby car seat is mounted solid and comfortably spring loaded. This might be the most trust-worthy solution for taking a baby along, with no four-wheeled vehicle (neither stroller nor car) involved. Next to walking with a carrier…

Urban Arrow states, that the mounting for baby car seats fits for the brand “Maxi Cosi”. But as we researched, we found multiple other brands like Cybex and Recaro using the same or very similar mounting*. We decided on the Aton Q Plus by Cybex as it has a more solid shell than most competitors’ seats. The only drawback was the heavier weight of the baby seat.

* for those who are not familiar with the mounting: it is not the Iso-Fix one on the bottom, but the one on the sides, made to attach the seat to a stroller.

Today, about a year later Anouk is on her way of becoming a toddler and has grown out of her baby seat. Sure enough there is a solution from Urban Arrow for kids who are too big for the baby seat and yet too small for the built-in bench of the cargo bike. But to be honest, this is that one thing where we think UA could do better: They offer a mounting for yepp-seats which are usually designed to be mounted in between the Rider and the handle-bars. This mounting goes into the Box and provides a very low position of the seat, where it is fully surounded by the box:

Safe: yes, for sure.
But comfy? I don’t know…
This particular kind of seat does not provide any kind of head-rest; a child that age might still be likely to fall asleep in the cargo bike.
And practical? meeeh…
The yepp-mounting takes away the option of putting stuff on the bottom, when riding without a child seat.

So we decided to not go with that standard solution. As papa can weld there was an alternative: build something ourselves. We looked around on the market to find a comfy seat. One that comes with a flexible mounting solution. We found the seat we were looking for at Bo-Bike. The model “exclusive Tour” had a big, not too wide head-rest. It is nicely to adjust and comes with a symmetric mounting, which means you can put the seat in two directions.

So Papa drew some sketches, got some steel, and welded a nice little unobstructive mounting, that can easily be detached from the box.

The mounting consists of three parts: two base-mounting, which go into the corners of the box, where the bolting for the optional second bench would be.
Another part is the rack carrying the click-and-go mounting. This part can be adjusted in height, unplugged and taken out of the box in no time.

Finally the seat is just clicked in. Done.

Now, only thing missing is a bo-bike mounting for Papa’s bike, so he can take his girl on rides, too…

10 thoughts on “A comfy child seat on the family cargo bike

  1. Hi Sven,

    This is such a great idea! I’m going to try to weld this rack to put in my Urban Arrow in order to use the Bobike Exclusive Tour seat. Could you please post your materials list so that I know exactly what I need to get for the project?
    Thank you!


  2. Hi,

    We recently bought a bullitt cargo bike to transport our baby. We also have a Cybex Aton Q but we can not find anything on the Belgian market to safely attach this seat. Can you more specificaly explain how you did this? You used the adaptors normally used on the stroller?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. This look great! I’ve ordered my UA Family CX 500W today and already feel better! From before I’ve got a regular e-bike with a Bobike seat that I use for transporting my 3 year old to and from kindergarden.

    I was wondering if anyone had welded/made a head/neck protection/support? I want to build such a thing for my UA. It is mainly due to safety. All ideas are welcome. My bicycle shop will start building something for me in 2 weeks. I’ve been thinking of a steel plate skrewed into the samt holes as the harness and something extra from the side.

    Hope to get some ideas! Thank you!

  4. Hi Sven,

    sieht wirklich gut aus deine Halterung.
    Die Skizze würde mich auch intressieren.

    Meinst du aus deiner Erfahrung man würde 2 Bobike Kindersitze in ein Urban Arrow (gegenüber) bekommen.
    Wenn man den vorne tiefer setzt und hinten die Sitzbank raus nimmt, müsste es vielleicht gerade so passen und das Regenverdeck noch drauf gehen ?
    Wieviel Platz in cm nimmt ca. ein Sitz in der Länge im Anspruch ?
    Was meinst du ?
    Wir haben Zwillinge und ich würde gerne ein Urban Arrow im kommenden Jahr nutzen wenn sie 1 Jahr alt sind.



    1. Hallo Sascha,

      Anouk ist inzwischen nur noch auf der Sitzbank unterwegs. Sie hat ab etwa 18Monaten darauf bestanden…

      Der Sitz war für das Regenverdeck zu hoch. Ich hätte ihn unten beschneiden können, wollte aber den Sitz nicht baulich verändern, denn ich werde ihn auf meinem Rad weiterverwenden. Zwischen Sitzbank und Sitz sind noch etwa 20cm Platz… Im aktuellen Modell könnte man sicher zwei unterbringen (ohne Sitzbank, versteht sich. Ich kann hierzu gerne nochmal genauer nachmessen).

      viele Grüße

      PS: sorry für die späte Anwort

  5. Great solution! Looks a lot more comfy than a yepp seat.
    Are you able to close the rain cover when the bo-bike seat is in the UA?

    1. The set can face both directions: front and back. Currently it only fits under the roof, when facing front. We could lower the construction so it’ll fit, but that would mean we had to modify the seat…

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