gasstation in NM by Harry Pherson

Car free living – Mom’s transition

Back in 2011, I was Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The distances, the ( lack of a ) public transportation system and the heat called for a car. Of course I had a bicycle, but not as a daily rider. In fact I had two; a cannondale cross bike for long refreshing rides and a nice holland ride equipped with a Bobike front facing child seat for those farmers market mornings and weekend rides with Nicolai and friends.

I despised having a car though. But I needed it because its tough getting around only by bike. The local mentality and lack of bicycle infrastructure made it difficult, especially with a child. Granted, a lot has improved since then. The Chainbreaker Collective has a Bicycle Resource Center going on there, which is similar to the Bikekitchen in Augsburg.  Positively, the cyclist scene continues to grow. But I had convinced myself that I needed a car.

After some travelling Nicolai and I ended up in Germany in 2013. And we walked. We walked and used public transportion.  It was the worst winter possible but we continued to walk. By good luck, the day came when we got our freedom. Nicolai and I both now had bikes and were able to get around more efficiently.

My biggest relief was that I had a pair of wheels and I had no car insurance to pay, no license plate to deal with and most of all, NO fuel to put anywhere. I despised refilling the fuel tank anytime it was low. I was free. And thankfully in a more or less bike friendly place like Augsburg, Germany.

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