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Honey, I didn’t charge the battery

I bring Nicolai to Kindergarden with the Whale on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Usually that’s not a big deal even though it is a 25km ride, as the assist of the UrbanArrow is strong and keeps your legs relaxed.

THIS morning, however, was different. When I wanted to grab the battery for the bike, I realized it wasn’t charged.
So what do you do in that kind of situation?
What you could do: Leave the boy at home, and make it a fun day with mommy and sister. OR: pump up the tires to the maximum (which in case of the Schwalbe Big-Apple is 4bar/60psi), relax, warm up your legs and choose your riding gear wisely!

Ready, set, GO!
I put on my favorite Roadbike-jacket,  grabbed the kid and accelerated the Whale to cruising speed. 25km/h are no biggy. Uphills are a bit tougher than with the engine, but the flats are just fine.

I pedalled the big cargo bike as if it was my Roadbike and daydreamed about Schwalbe “kojak”-tires, lighter wheels and a drop bar to turn the Whale into a fast shark…

Eventually I managed to do the total trip in 1h7min, making it an average speed of 22km/h (with 45km/h top speed) and burned just some calories more than usually. I propably will leave out my training ride tonight…

2 thoughts on “Honey, I didn’t charge the battery

  1. Hi, OMG I love this, nice to be in touch with you guys too. Question, how long would the ride take you with the battery?

    1. with electric assist and in a hurry about 50minutes. But then I need a shower before going to work.

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