move by bike: first careful run

Our move by bike

We moved in together. Step by step. First Jess moved to my place, then we moved to our new home together. When Jess moved in at my old place, I did the move by bike. As it was a move inside the same town, this was an easy challenge.

A friend from the bikekitchen and I had just recently built a huge cargobike which was perfect for the job. Paired with the bikekitchen’s big DIY-biketrailer it is about 6.50m (~20ft) long and offers tons of space for furniture and boxes.

Moving was never so much fun before, as the passers-by were all interested and friendly and also Motorists were patient. I guess the big bike made quite some impression.
For the complete move of the appartment I did 5 runs, two if which were with the big trailer. 5km each ride made a run 10 km, summing up to 50km total ridden in 1 day – with cargo.
The money we saved for the moving-truck was spent on a yummy dinner for 2 instead.

That’s how cargobikes are fun, keep you fit and are an investment in your relationship 😉

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