our "porteur"-bicycle Albright

Our Porteur called Albright

One first step to carrying stuff on the bike was our Porteur. We named him Albrecht (engl: Albright). He wasn’t much of a cargobike, yet he helped us alot when it comes to groceries.

I restored the old german-brand bike from the 1970’s giving it some modern parts like Curana fenders and rims with an aero-profile. In order to keep it slick, I put a SACHS Duomatic from the 70’s: It has two gears, which you shift it by kicking the pedals backwards. Therefore it is also reffered to as “Kickshift”-hub (for those who are interested in the concept: Sturmey Archer still builds a hub like that). And as I ride a lot of fixed-gear and single-speed TWO gears are 100% more gears than other bikes in the garage…
For carrying stuff of the daily live, I built the Box out of wood and aluminium.

Albright still sticks with us as a fallback in case “Thaurus” is in pain.

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