the biggger, the better: boxes on the cargo bike

Dad’s everyday-ride called Taurus

May I introduce Taurus to you:
He is an Omnium Cargo Bike from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is black. He is lightweight – for a cargobike. He is fast. Damn fast – not only for a cargobike.

For motorists I like to reffer to him as our sportswagon. But incontrast to the motorized, four-wheeled counterpart he can actually carry stuff!

Jessica and I love Taurus, for the flexibity he gave back to our lives, after our first, selfmade cargobike passed away. That means, that now she can call me anytime and request groceries, or what ever is to get on the way home from work. No need for planning thoughts like “oh. we need to take a backpack – because…..”, because I always have my Ortlieb Rackpack duffle on the rack. That’s handy.

Since we moved (and yet aren’t done moving in, when it comes to furniture) he has carried shelves, beds, changing tables and not to forget: dinner tables. Ever since Taurus loves IKEA. For the big boxes they sell. And for the wide-eyed looks of motorists, packing their little boxes in the big cars, not believing that this shelf, seat, table, you-name-it will fit on a bicycle.

Since I got him Taurus took his place being my everyday companion, no matter what comes around. For durabilty and weight, he was step by step improved and equipped with nice parts. By today I ride a 1×10 Sram X0 drivetrain for less hassle and marugra mt5 brakes for reliable stopping, during speedy summers on 28mm Duranos and in winters on a 37mm tire-mix with proper grip (front: Maxxis DTH, rear: Panaracer Messenger).
For the the rack I did a woven mesh out of old inner-tubes (8pcs. 24″). As Anouk got older I built a nice seatmounting for the bo-bike seat, so she can join me on rides and Mama can get on the roadbike again.


4 thoughts on “Dad’s everyday-ride called Taurus

  1. Hi!

    In the process of buying an Omnium Cargo. How do you lock your bike up when out and about? Living in London I am a bit worried….

    My plan now is to go for two extreme chain locks from Kryptonite that will cost me 10% of the bike value.

    Any tips or trix to share?

    1. Well. I can only speak for our my situation. As we live in a relatively small city bike theft might not be as big of a deal as it is in London.
      My locks of choice are from HipLok: I have a D-Lock and the big chain (nowadays called “Homie”). They are pretty secure and both of them are very practical. Your can wear the Homie around your waist and the D can be clipped to pants or -if you have a rubber deck on the omnium- clipped onto the rack.
      I would consider both, kryptonite and hiplok, secure.
      In the end it is a question of how to lock the bike: Always make sure to lock it to a solid and immovable object. This can be preferably street interior or an UrbanArrow 😉 (at night we lock the bikes up against each other – 56kg are less likely to be carried away than 16kg…)
      When we leave the city without the bikes, they go into the garage. I try to never have them parked unattended for more than a day. – The longer the bike is not moved, the more attention it gets…
      I also prefer bolt-in axles on the hubs over quick-releases for security reasons. It saves you the hassle of locking up your wheels extra.

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