the Display is that little thing that makes a big difference

That SOB!

To the Son of a Bitch that stole my Bosch display:

Thank You! Thank you for that memorable Monday morning.
It’s all good, you see. I planned a quick trip to the store before having to pick up my son from school.

REWIND>>>> I just finished my shopping. Time is looking good and I have my daughter in her baby seat. Wait a minute, my display is not in my pocket, not in the other one… Sweat starts to develop, my heart begins to pump, but I tell myself to calm down. My pockets are big and I am trying to be quick.
This can not be! Right? The ONE TIME I forget to take my display with me!

Shizzel! It’s been stolen! You Son of a Bitch!

But hey, NEOOO problem! I can still pedal this whale of a cargo bike. I can pedal the whale, myself, my daughter and her crazy heavy cybex car seat, including 45€ worth of groceries all the way home.
I can, but thank god I did not buy that box of clemintines!

Thanks a lot, you Son of a Bitch! After working my magic, I was able to find a ride to pick up my son from school. Last minute preparation included a baby in one arm, a bag with an ergo carrier, snacks for the kids, etc. and a stroller down three flights of stairs. Not to mention removing the carseat (that’s another blog post)!

Thanks asshole, imagine a big smile on my face! My daughter only cried some ten minutes being in a foreign car. And I am only about thirty minutes late for my son! This means some forty minutes late for a Doctors appointment. Eventually, only a two hour wait in the waiting room, for not being on time.

Thank you, whoever you are, for inviting Sven at 8:00 in the evening to rummage through the trashcans outside of the grocery store. We thought maybe you just wanted to play a silly little joke on us and tossed it in the trash closeby…. it can happen (eyebrows raised).

Not a dent in my day! My daughter only had one nap amongst the chaos, dinner was late and the kids went to bed later.

And Now, here we are, the day after, and we are not bothered! Being a little late this morning, we only had to run through the park, just trying to be on time for that ride we organized to school last night while my son had a bloody nose.

Not a problem asshole! Thanks for confirming that this family is strong and resiliant! It’s smooth sailing from here, with a brand new Bosch display to be ordered for the ride we rely on every day…

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