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Why real men carry purses

Jess calls it my “purse”. Because I always have it with me.
Pretty big for a purse, some might say… But real men need real purses.

For me 89l is just the right size, as I  need the space -especially in the wet season (70% of the year)- for:

  • laptop, and powercord – for work
  • tools and patches – in case of emergencies
  • raingear – for those days of indecisive weather-conditions
  • socks and shirts for changing – who wants to stink at work?
  • paperwork-box – for bringing letters to the postal office (because there is always something bureaucratic to be sent in germany…)
  • extra space for spontaneous grocery-stops…

And the best thing: everthing inside this purse stays extra dry (as it is IP6-waterproof) – even if shit hits the fan.

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